REFRAMESF Scavenger Hunt

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If you’ve ever wondered which hilly street Steve McQueen used to launch his Mustang in Bullitt or in what divey cafe Clint Eastwood stood as he proclaimed “Go ahead, make my day,” then this is the movie challenge for you! Our scavenger hunt will task you with going to the actual filming locations where you will place printed screenshots against various settings.

Screenshot: Memoirs of an Invisible Man // Location: Nob Hill

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Teams will be comprised of 2-5 people. Each team will receive a packet containing 20 printed screenshots from San Francisco-based films. The screenshots will show a location, landmark or other visual cue from San Francisco for teams to locate. No knowledge of film locations is required—you just need a sharp mind, a digital camera (one per group) and a good pair of shoes. You may also want to bring a city map, smart phone or GPS device.

The winning team will be determined by the highest number of locations captured within the designated time. All scavenger hunt team photos must be taken with one digital camera, cell phone photos will not be accepted. Each winning team member will receive a film-related prize. We will start at the Ferry Building Traffic Island promptly at noon, so please arrive early. At 3:30, the scavenger hunt will cease and all the teams will meet up at a pre-determined location, where the winning team will be decided. Although the event is timed, our focus is less about competition and more about having a fun, unique and educational experience. We can’t wait to see you there!