Art In Storefronts Project

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We Were On Market Street! Did You See Us?

SFFM was chosen by the San Francisco Arts Commission to participate in the Art in Storefronts Project. Our exhibition “Celebrate Film In San Francisco!” was at 989 Market, directly across from The Warfield.

Our installation was a 3D collection of digital images showcasing San Francisco’s rich film heritage. The centerpiece was a “A Trip Down Market Street,” a Miles Brothers film shot in 1906. Filmed using a camera mounted to the front of a cable car moving steadily down Market Street toward the Ferry building, it captures the city mere months before the 1906 earthquake. See the video below.

Local news crews grabbing coverage of the event

The crowd viewing the sffm installation

Smaller monitors surrounded the Miles Brothers film depicting images from the SF Bay Area’s cinematic history. Featured locations included: Union Square, Justin Herman Plaza, Market Street, the Portrero Hill tracks, Stockton Tunnel, Golden Gate Bridge, Russian Hill, and the 38 bus line.

from behind the installation, the audience is captivated by the historical Miles Brother’s film

About The Art In Storefronts Project

The “Art in Storefronts” opening reception was Friday, October 23rd. Several city officials were present for our unveiling, including Mayor Gavin Newsom. After watching part of “A Trip Down Market Street,” he exclaimed “Who said Market Street was cleaner back then!”

SFFM Board Member John Carlson greets the Mayor

Official press coverage of the event can be found here.

We would like to thank John Freiman and HANNspree, our official sponsor for this project, for their generous donation of monitors and digital frames. Without their support, our installation would not have been possible.